I am Henry Matter. Fact. Well, that's what it says on my passport. I have been involved in photography for 7 years, and have received a Ba(Hons) in Digital and lens media. During this time, I have mainly worked in photography and interactive media. I love learning new skills, and have recently started creating 360degree virtual tours - enabling potential customers to view your premises or an event before they arrive I regularly provide wedding photography to document your special day, and carry out portrait sessions to create lasting memories that span the generations. I also enjoy landscape photography and still life, documenting the world around me for others to enjoy. I will work closely with you to achieve the outcome you desire, be it for your special day, or for a commercial project. If you aren't happy, then neither am I. For more information, or to get a detailed quote, please contact me To see what goes on behind the scenes, check out my Blog or follow me on twitter