God clothes Himself in Us

The wonder of it, Lord.

I'm not just a puppet, strings attached,

Dancing to your moods.

Some see the world like that,

A dreary ballet, cosmic choreography,

Purpose dim and indecipherable

But in the light you give

I see your graciousness.

Sending your spirit, not in

coercive power, but gently.

Fitting it's form, freely to my life

I welcome you.


I feel the joy.

That I can go through life,

Just as myself.

No crippling mould of mass-production.

No two alike.

Custom-built.  One-off.  Myself.

Nowhere near perfection,

But loved, as me.

No need to fight to be like someone else.

Blessed with your liberty, free-given.


But Lord, my freedom lives only

in you.

In sharing life with you.

I could so easily put back the 

chains you've broken.

Resell myself to slavery.

Guard me, Lord,

From misusing, in your liberty,

The gifts you've given.


Give me the strength to live for you.

That folk may see your life

through mine.

Your love in me.

Your hand stretched out through mine.

Your purposes fulfilled in all I do.


A poem written by Eddie Askew, one time international Director of the Leprosy Mission, sent in a newsletter to colleagues and published in 1985.